Over 70% of buyers use a Realtor when purchasing an inventory home!


More often than not, using a Realtor can be incredibly beneficial when purchasing a inventory home or new construction home. A Realtor can both help you negotiate and secure a better buy price as well as assist you in locking in a closing date that’s right for your timeline. Using a Realtor also guarantees you have your own personal representative during contract negotiations as well as during walk throughs and inspections. Realtors are professionals of their trade and therefore their expertise can be valuable when preparing a repair list with the builder and viewing the new construction home before closing. Your Realtor will also accompany you to the closing, where you will sign all of the necessary paperwork to make the inventory home officially yours!

Allen will do all of these things as your Realtor and more! One little thing….Allen will meet you at the home prior to closing to ensure all builder repairs are completed as requested. He will also ensure the home is fully complete and ready for closing signing. If you have problems after closing Allen is always available to help get the builder involved in performing any necessary repairs. You can’t go wrong choosing Allen as your Realtor!

Client Testimonial

“I used Allen on a new David Weekly home that was almost completed and was available for sale. He negotiated a great deal for me and helped work with the builder to assure repairs were completed. He also walked the home with me before closing and was with me when we completed all of the paperwork. I knew I was in good hands and knowing he was representing me and not the builder brought peace of mind. I’ve used Allen’s services 8 times! I keep coming back to him because of his professionalism, specialization, work ethic, and honesty.”

– Amber E | Allen’s Client