Why You Need a Realtor


Allen has worked as a builder’s model home salesperson for over 5 years and he is very knowledgeable in the process of selling new construction homes. The model homes salesperson works for the builder. Their job is to sell you a home and facilitate your closing. There are many wonderful builder salespeople in the model homes market and Allen knows a few stand outs with each builder, but make no mistake, YOU NEED YOUR OWN REPRESENTATIVE!

When you visit the model home, simply let them know Allen is your real estate agent. This will do a few things….first, it will reduce the pressure sometimes place on buyers as sellers respect the Realtor relationship that now exists, and second, with Allen’s name in your back pocket you will be well taken care of and assisted. Nearly any model representative will recognize Allen’s name and will remember him from construction build work in the past. AND DON’T WORRY, YOU WON’T BE PAYING A HIGHER PRICE BECAUSE YOU HAVE A REALTOR. As a matter of fact, Allen works hard to get you a better deal with him than without!! YOU DO NOT PAY ALLEN’S COMMISSION ON THE PURCHASE OF A HOME – THE BUILDER PAYS HIS FEE. AGAIN, YOU DO NOT PAY MORE FOR THE HOME BY USING HIS SERVICES!!

Another benefit of using Allen is that he will always be there to help you, even years after the sale. He recently helped his former client, Jennifer, with a builder issue that was going unresolved. Click on her video here to see how Allen helped her well after the sale.


Yes, even though it’s a new home and it’s true the builder performs quality checks and the city performs inspections, you STILL NEED A PROFESSIONAL HOME INSPECTION! The inspector will likely catch things the builder and even city inspector won’t find. The inspectors you need typically have a new home construction package allowing them to inspect before drywall and insulation and then again upon completion. Professional home inspections can range from $500-$700, depending on the type of inspection. Click on the video below to hear what Dave Maudlin from Indy Home Pro Inspections looks for when inspecting new construction homes.


Builders typically have partnered lenders they team up with to offer great rates and they may even pay thousands in closing costs if you use them. However, not all lenders are created equal!! On occasion, Allen has been able to persuade the builder to allow his clients to use a non-partnered lender and still pay the closing costs!! Every situation is different so talk with Allen about this before presenting an offer.


Allen knows new home construction, he knows multiple builders, and he knows where to find the best deals. He will work hard to get the best value possible, helping you buy well now so you can sell well later! Allen’s sold over 500 new homes during his career and with each sale he always tries to squeeze out as much as possible for his clients.


Allen is an expert in all the little things about new home construction that a first time buyer should never be expected to master. These are all the little things you don’t normally consider until it is far too late. We’re talking about tips like videotaping the home before insulation and drywall so you have a map of where the plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and framing is located. If there is an issue later, the ability to see the “bones” of the home is a huge time and money saver! Maybe you’re adding a basement to a floor plan; strategically placing plumbing, HVAC and windows will save a lot of hassle later and putting a bath rough-in or window in the wrong location of a basement is almost tragic! The little things you do now will equate to a faster sale later and more money in your pocket at the end of the day!


New construction in Fishers and Geist has witnessed an impressive rebound. There are many great options available in the realm of new custom or production homes that have been maintaining steady value, including many in the Geist Reservoir and other premier Fishers locations.

Because Allen has been selling new construction homes for well over 26 years, he often hears of builder promotions before the news becomes public. Over the years Allen has had first look at everything from “free basement” promotions to no mortgage payments for a year! These builder promotions change on a regular basis, almost weekly, so DON’T MISS OUT!

And don’t worry! The builder pays the REALTOR® representative, meaning NO additional cost to you. Contact Allen today to get started searching for your dream home! While saving your money!